In the age of globalization, the expansion towards international markets represents a unique and important growth opportunity for many companies.

It is not simple to successfully launch and sell a product in a new market, to create a joint venture, to identify fund sources, to wade through regulations, laws and red tape: this is why Profila provides businesses with all-round assistance in the ambit of marketing and internationalization.

Although the export trade is a complex activity that greatly differs from one type of company to another, the advantages of successful internationalization are considerable:

  • Increase in turnover
    Internationalization enables the company to increase sales without being pressurized by local competition. The penetration of a new market increases the number of contacts with which to finalize sales and increase turnover.
  • Risk reduction
    The internationalization of a company reduces its dependence on the domestic market and regular customers. This element allows the company to reduce the risk of lower demand caused by economic crises or extraordinary events.
  • Economy of scale
    Higher demand boosts production with a consequent reduction in the unit cost of end products. In the case of wholesalers and distributors, increased sales are passed on to suppliers and may result in greater negotiating power which, in its turn, provides more attractive margins.
  • New business opportunities
    Needs may vary in different cultures and markets, whereby a product whose demand is declining on one market may cover a need on another and experience a new phase of growth.
  • Image prestige
    A company’s international standing and outlook confer added value which results in a prestigious image, both at home and abroad.